👋 Hello friends! This is Tessa. 
I figure out the world around me by thinking about and creating things.
Currently, I'm building digital products at PwC Labs in San Francisco, USA to help people and organizations grow. 
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Enterprise onboarding solution
Workplace Orchestrator, an employee-centric onboarding solution that's customizable, scalable, and social.
Streamlined Event Organizing Flow
For organizations that already use Microsoft Office 365, how do you holistically leverage its intelligence for more effective social marketing? The solution: A centralized platform on Office 365 for every steps during event organizing.
Share Music, Share Yourself
In this UX internship project, I created end-to-end designs for a social music app. Specifically, I discuss how to truly observe your users and push the design ever slightly more.
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WA Bikes Site Redesign
After a recent reorganization, the long-standing Washington Bikes needed to re-establish its brand and attract new cyclists
Microsoft Research
I studied how people manage time with for a Microsoft project to understand users' behavior, motivations, and mental models
Family Health Web App
A new perspective to understand health: from individuals to the family context
Startup Site Redesign
A Seattle-based startup was looking to reach new customers. I redesigned its landing page for clearer CTA & more readable information
WeHaul Logistics App
As the only designer, I led the Hackathon "Uber for Logistics" mobile app creation in under 36 hours
Coding Experiments
As a designer/geek, I use code as a means to achieve things when needed
Side Projects
I enjoy exploring all kinds of design, whether it's motion, typography, or graphics. They keep me inspired and updated.
Drawings for fun
Real Estate Visualization
Through data visualization, we strived to make house-searching more informed and less daunting.

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