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Jun - Aug 2014

In the summer of 2014, I worked at Bank of America as an intern. My project involved researching, designing and developing a customized web application to improve the product release process. It allows more control for release managers, and make the process more efficient and less error-prone.


How to improve the current product release process at Bank of America?


By researching similar products, talking with users, and several design iterations in an Agile way, I created a JIRA plugin that helps improve the existing the release experience. 

Day 1 on the job
"Here, make this"

This was what was given to me by my manager at the beginning of my internship. Obviously I had to find out more what exactly the problem was and how I could solve it.

Why bother?

Before working on any projects, it's important to know the "why": why are we making this? How much effort is worth putting into developing the new product?

The team I worked at is a part of the technology sector of the bank. 

I tried to understand these from talking with my manager and colleagues. I learned that there are several pain points with the current way of releasing a product:

  • Time-consuming: Release managers need to stay over weekends to oversee release process.

  • Laborious: Current release schedule is done by checking off a long excel list. 

  • Error-prone: Because all processes are manual, unavoidably errors occur for various reasons.

The outdated way for releasing products: an endless Excel sheet!
Don't reinvent the wheel

Having a better understanding of the requirements, I first looked into what was already available out there in the market. Obviously, there is no need to recreate the wheel. I checked out their codes, if available, and installed the app on my local environment to try out and compare the pros and cons of each.

The Agile Way

We followed the Agile methodology in our work. Working in short sprints allowed us to focus on the important features first and also stay updated to the real needs. 

Who am I designing for?
Listen to your users

I talked with many people within and outside our team to get a better understanding of the release process and planned out clearer strategies as to how to carry out the implementation. The release of a product involves many stakeholders.

Quality Assurance

Database Administrator


Product Owner

More to come. Check back soon!
(Last updated 3/29/2017)

"Tessa excels at quick learning, passionate about learning new coding techniques and developing on new technologies...  She demonstrates a pro-active personality, enthusiasm towards being involved and contributes in group meetings."

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