Time management is a complex activity that differs from person to person. How, if at all, are college students doing it?

Family Healthy Web App
A new perspective to understand health: from 
individuals to the family context
Usability Research with Microsoft
Startup Website Redesign
Seattle-based startup Stabilitas is looking to raising awareness of their brand and reaching to new customers. I redesigned its landing page that had clear Call to Action and complex information made more digestible.
WeHaul Logistics App
A Hackathon "Uber for Logistics" mobile app and business model finished in under 36 hours
InHomed: Informed Home Searching
House-hunting can feel overwhelming for anyone. With InHomed, we strived to help make the process more informed and less daunting.
Design Swarm: Clean water for all
Being active in the design community is an important way for me to grow and give back. I participated in Seattle Interactive Conference 2016 to brainstorm solutions for clean water in Uganda.
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