Snack Smart



Design a visualization application experience that makes home-searching and price determination learned and comprehensive for potential home buyers in King County, Washington.



How can we make healthy snacks more accessible to college students through vending machines in the University of Washington?

Smark, an integrated experience consisting of a intelligent vending machine and a mobile app that makes healthier snacks more available to college students.


We defined 6 core tasks

  1. Choose healthier snacks in machine

  2. Receive personal curation of snacks

  3. Experience streamlined payment method

  4. Locate vending machines

  5. Access nutritional information of snack

  6. Conduct Snack-search

Next Steps
  • Development of app experience with real data and complete navigation

  • Usability studies of working app prototype and iterations of design

  • Cost analysis and feasibility studies of touchscreen enhancements to vending machine

Pecha Kucha Style Reflection

Taoxi Li, Paul Fontana, Jihoon Suh

University of Washington

Sept. - Dec. 2016